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I Am Lost
I Am Lost


I Am Lost: Portfolio



  • Windows

Engine (Unreal Engine 4)

  • Blueprints


  • Role: Extra programmer


  • Joel Martinez (Lead Artist/Producer)

  • Eduardo Piñeiro Velez(Boss AI)

  • Christian Vives (Former Lead Programmer)

  • Jorge Rivera (Former Programmer)

  • Alec Aponte (Former Programmer)

  • Andrea Pagan (Music)


  • 2.5 months


The game is all about beating monsters and creatures as a lost traveler trying to find his way back home while going through many different dimensions. The game will be set in a cute simple 2d art style where the player will have to defeat many different enemies to finish of with a boss will gain different skills, looks, as you go through the game.


I Am Lost is a action platform game. I came in to project because Joel needed a another programmer. I was task to fix anything in the game.

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