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  • Windows

Engine (Unreal Engine 4)

  • Blueprint

  • C++


  • Role: Material and Extra help

  • 5 members in the team


  • 3 weeks

Glow: About


You play as little bulb of light where you will find everything in pure darkness knowing that you are the only source of light left, emerge into this 2.5D world where monster from the dark will try to stop you and your job is try and illuminate every area of the world and try to discover why this happened. You will balanced your game with “Necklaces” for example, if you want more HP your strength will drop a little putting a little puzzle to reach some areas but you will need to find some items to help you on your puzzles. The game will have a little combat where you will be defending yourself with a little sword where with every upgrade will be stronger and even will change the color of the sword.

My role was to make material for the 3d models in the game and resposible of additional help if was needed. The project got cancel due to technical problems with the c++ code and bluebrints.

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