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I Am Lost: Portfolio



  • Windows

Engine (Unreal Engine 4)

  • Blueprints


  • Team project

  • Role: Lead programmer


  • Nelson (Programmer/Producer)

  • Joel Martinez (Lead Concept Artist)

  • Andrea (Lead Character artist)

  • Ashley Martinez (Concept artist)

  • Alec Aponte (Programmer)

  • Abdier Rivera (programmer)

  • Joseph Jimenez (3D Models)

  • Ashley Suarez (Map Maker)

  • Pedro Barbosa (Music)

  • Ingmar Ortiz  (3D models)

  • Kevin casul (3D models)

  • Giovanni Lopez  (Texture)

  • Bryan Torres (3D models)

  • Luis Ayala (UI)


  • 9 months


You play as a spirit of a well-known rich person that passed away years ago. Your Nephew/Niece is looking for something special inside the mansion but he/she is not the only one inside. You’re guarding your mansion from uninvited guests that are stealing your precious belongings by activating many different traps in the mansion while also protecting your Nephew/Niece from both the guests and your own traps.

No Guest Allowed is Tower Defense game. My task was to implement game mechanics and check other programmer work before implementing in to game. The biggest problem in the game how to continue the game after a lot members left for other projects so i change my task to add and fix to comply with the original plane of the game. When everything got added i cancel the game due to will never find people to 3D model character that was the only thing missing in the game.

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